A quick update, more to come later!

As many of you know, Jason is now in kidney failure. He needs a transplant. In order to have a transplant, he needs a donor.

We ask that you pray for our family and pray that the Lord will move and provide for us in this very special way.

God is our sustainer and provider.
Without Him, our family could not have endured life’s trials and tribulations. We could ask “why me” types of questions all day long- instead, we are choosing to praise Him all day long!

Here is some information about kidney donation and a link for anyone interested in learning more about donating.

The evaluation process for a donor has multiple levels. I have included a link to a website that can walk you through a preliminary questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire are forwarded to a transplant coordinator. From there it is a simple blood test. Then, once a match has been found, there is a more thorough physical. If you have any additional questions- I am happy to answer them or direct you to someone who can.


Much Love!