Christmas 2012, day 93

Happy Birthday Jesus

The past few days have been busy busy. Navigating this Christmas has been hard. Being away from home is a struggle.

I finally came to grips with the idea. I even attempted some gifts. We have had a tree for some time and even though he is feeling a tad under the weather, Jason has been here with us too. We had some family visiting over the weekend. We even went a tad, okay- waaaaay outside of my comfort zone away from the hospital for a Christmas Eve service. It just seemed like where we should be, so we went.

It was a family service. Of course Maddie was with us. It was so nice to be in church with my family all together- that doesn’t often happen. It was a larger church complete with a band, stage and balcony seating. The seating very much resembled movie theatre seating. We finally found space for 7 and saved seats accordingly. Just about the time that we had counted the number of seats, Maddie sits down and says, “where’s the popcorn?”. Hahah. Hmmm. Movies anyone?! Please note that we do actually take Madison to church with us- just not to big church!

I was a little bit worried about Madison making it through the service. Little did I know- I should have been worried about myself! The songs were beautiful! The lyrics had come alive and were just so much more than mere words set to a tune- the words you have been singing since you were 2. Sometimes we forget to actually internalize the words in the songs- really take in the message- and we end up singing a catchy tune. The first 3 songs we sang(seasonally appropriate), I literally wept the whole time. It had been so long since we had all actually been to church to worship(since we have been here) – I cried. Waterproof mascara is a wonderful thing. As I am holding Maddie and trying to casually wipe the snot and tear mixture from my face- I would dry it up and then start again!

Corporate worship IS important. Fellowship with other believers is HUGE, even if it is not your home church! I know that is one of the things I have missed the most.

Madison made it through the service really well until the end- no nap – not so great of an idea. The service closed with the spreading of the light into the darkness, candle by candle. Whoa. Madison held her daddy’s candle and she was oh so big and well behaved. At the close, they asked people to blow the candles out for safety- oh my goodness!!!!! 2 year old meltdown. The candle got blown out and that was it!! Game over.

This morning Maddie came bounding into our bedroom with the kind of exuberance only 2 year olds have first thing in the morning. Mom asked her if she knew what day it was. Maddie responds, “chocolate day!”. Haha Ahem- while lovely, I reminded her that it was Jesus’ Birthday and that was even better! We opened gifts and ate and went to the hospital to see Baby Sister Emma( which often comes out Elma. Very Elmo- esque.). There was No nap. After an early dinner, Maddie and Jason were watching a movie. The grueling schedule with 48 hours of no nap caught up with us. Maddie was so tired she couldn’t keep her eyes open and kept bouncing her head off of her chest, up and down and side to side, at 7:20!!!!! For some of you this time means nothing because for your kids that is bedtime. At our house we haven’t even mentioned the B word until at least 9 and lately it is more like 11 and even then there is not a tired Maddie to be found! Anyways, she was out and down for the evening- passed out exhausted- at 7:20. We hardly know what to do with ourselves!!

Emma is much more awake and alert now. They have changed her sedation around just a tad. She is handling it well. Her dialysis continues to work fairly well and her central line continues to leak a few times a day. She is so beautiful and I am amazed by her on a daily basis. The special treat was getting to watch the snow fall from our penthouse view in the PICU on this very different Christmas!

Here are a few photos from yesterday and today!!




Madison- Christmas morning


Jason, Meredith, Doctor Madison and Baby Emma

Much Love and Merry Christmas!!