Tuesday, December 11, day 79

This past weekend was very hard.

Emma’s main line(IV access) started leaking and her dialysis quit working on Thursday and Friday.
Saturday afternoon her line stopped leaking and her dialysis started working a little. There is really not a medical explanation for why things appear to be working, at least for now. Of course, I believe it was purely a God thing. Over the weekend Emma was able to pull quite a bit of fluid off. Her blood pressures seem to be tolerating it ok and everything else seems relatively happy.

It appears that Emma’s peritoneum is trying to give out. Without a properly functioning peritoneum she cannot be dialyzed. There are no good options without dialysis.

Other than her fluid status and her peritoneum that is possibly giving out, she is doing well. Emma is much more alert. She will look at you and hold your hand for quite some time.

I will never get used to having “the talk” with doctors. Over the weekend I think we heard it at least 6 times. I also sincerely hope that I never ever have to have it again! Although, I am sure we will. Jason and I are going to continue to help her fight for life as long as we can.

God is not through with Emma for whatever reason. I am not sure of a time frame or of what His plans are for our sweet girl. She remains in His hands. God is definitely in control of this entire situation. He is still working.

Sometimes I have a flesh moment and lose sight of what God is doing. I continue to pray for healing and Divine intervention. There is great peace in knowing that Emma belongs to God.

Even little Maddie knows. It stirs my heart to hear her pray, unprompted, for ‘my baby sister Emma.’