Monday, November 26, day 64

Holiday weeks are always crazy, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
When you are in school, at any age, the first part of the week, ahem the first two days feel extra long at the start and by the end of the day you are wondering where the day went. The rest of the week is a blur. You can’t wait until the big day!

The same holds true for when you are older- except the first two or three days of the week are frought with preparations. House cleaning. Decorating. Grocery shopping. Food prep. House cleaning. Cooking. And then you fall in the floor with exhaustion just in time to spend all the next day with family and possibly the next day(s) shopping. Now, this is the plight of most women over the holidays. By the way, the ladies who say it isn’t too bad are most certainly telling you a half truth! Holidays are hard, exhausting and if there is enough energy left you can enjoy the company of family and friends. There might be something to be said for just going to Luby’s! 😉

All of that being said- I bailed completely on Thanksgiving this year. It wasn’t totally planned, but bail I did.
At the beginning of the week Emma had a complete doctor turnover. On Tuesday I started feeling just a tad icky with throat drainage. It wasn’t worth the risk- I stayed away until Friday. That was quite possibly the hardest thing to do. Staying away was very hard.

I quickly realized that I was a little tired and trying to get run down. So, after 58 nights of quality recliner sleeping, I acquiesced and got 4, yes 4, consecutive nights of rest in the bed. You would think that I would have rested really well- it was fair. The nurses, Jason and my mom put up with my micromanaging from afar quite well. 😉
I digress. This Thanksgiving I napped on the couch right through the day of preparations. My mom, mother in law, sister in law and future sister in law did all of the work! I think I literally may have mustered up the energy to wipe the counters, once. By the way, I probably can’t say it enough- thank you. The food was delicious!!

Emma did really well last week. And even though her outfits changed she didn’t have a clue it was a holiday week. She continues to be stable and is making some progress. She is on full volume feeds and they have started fortifying with some formula. Her sweet little face is so swollen. The clots in her neck keep her from being to effectively pull the fluid from her head. The doctors assure us it is a cosmetic issue for now and that it will come down. Hopefully this week will be another good week. We should hear about a surgery date later today.

I took a video of Emma over the weekend and showed it to Maddie. Her eyes were open and she was looking around. Maddie came out with, “Baby Siter All Better!!!! Open Her Eyes!! Go Home?” Oh my, if she only knew! I am glad that Madison is not any older- that would be harder.

With a surgery date looming on the horizon, we have been extra careful about keeping away from sickness. Last night I decided to grab some coffee. I NEVER ‘grab’ coffee. Well, I was so distracted by the fact that the girl running the register was a touch sick that I messed up and forgot to order decaf. OH MY! Let’s just say last night was supercharged. It began with hot flashes( by hot flashes I mean sweating) followed by itching and possibly an extremely over chatty mom. Thank goodness for sweet night nurses that don’t seem to mind chatting it up with a psyco mom. 😉