Wednesday, November 21, day 59

We had our meeting with all of the doctors today. The general consensus is that no one wants to wait very long to have surgery.

Assuming they can make some forward progress on the ventilator and get a little more nutrition in her tummy she is looking at the next week or so to have surgery. They want her to have been stable for several days after they make those changes.

The time frame for the growth of the tumors is not quite as short as we originally thought. Everyone feels comfortable waiting just a bit longer. The whole idea is to take Emma’s kidneys out before they develop the tumors. There seems to be some time but not months and months.

Hopefully Emma will continue making progress and not have any huge setbacks. Setbacks could cost us the tentative surgery date and allow more time for potential tumor development.

Keep us in your prayers!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving- love on your families as much as you can! Hopefully the next few days will be smooth sailing!!