Tuesday, November 20, day 58

At the start of Thanksgiving week I was not feeling so thankful.

All last week I have been apprehensive about this week. Not only are we not going to be home for any of the holiday festivities, I have been grieving over the loss of “normal” in general. Oh, to be home and complaining about something like dirty floors!!!! We had a huge staff turnover.

Yesterday was also the start of a whole new set of doctors. The transition was a little bumpy but we made it through. I may or may not have required a few hours(my first time to do this) of tv watching therapy.

I have started a list of things that I am thankful for- it is getting longer by the minute. So all the way around, that is better.

It is a good thing I got in that “therapy” yesterday. This morning has already been busy. The nephrologists came by first thing. Emma’s kidneys look worse. The cancerous cells are growing and her kidneys need to come out ASAP.

We are waiting on the surgeon to come by and evaluate her this afternoon and oncology will come by hopefully this morning. Emma may not be stable enough for the surgery. We will know more this afternoon. Once again, our plan is to give Emma the best chance she has.

Sweet friends, you all know what to do!
Pray, pray, pray without ceasing.

On another note, today is the first of our regularly scheduled Maddie visits. I am so excited for the girls to be together this morning!!

Updates will come later this afternoon as a plan develops.