Thursday, November 15, day 52

Did you know you can actually watch the seasons change from inside the hospital? Contrary to popular belief, wink wink, life actually goes on even when you are basically living in the hospital. Not only do the minutes, hours, days, dates and weeks advance but the months actually keep changing as well! I first noticed this phenomenon when the end of October approached. The decor in the gift shop window changed. Instead of the regular teddy bear motif, all of the teddy bears were wearing orange and a few were wearing witches hats. Notice I am completely ignoring the Halloween v Fall Festival issue. 🙂

Now, the decor in the gift shop window has changed to more of a fall theme and outside they have already started preparing the Christmas decorations. I actually found myself thinking this would be a neat place to see all decorated for Christmas. Oh my!!!!

On that note, whoever is praying for us to have patience- STOP!!!! That is a really hard lesson and I think I have made the mistake of asking for that before! 😉 We want to go home!!!!

Emma and Maddie are doing well. Emma is doing as well as can be expected. They are trying to get her lung strength back up to where it should be. She is not used to breathing without the ventilator.

Maddie has discovered Cinderella. That should say it all!