Tuesday, November 13, day 50

Today is the fiftieth day of being at Children’s.
Emma is 2 months old today.

When we went to fill out paperwork for the apartment, the assistant manager was not terribly cooperative. There was a question of whether or not to put my name on the lease. After some discussion, she finally said if you stay here for more than 3 nights a week you have to be on the lease. I promptly told her that wouldn’t be a problem, I sleep at the hospital. Her response was, “You mean you are LIVING at the hospital!”
If where you sleep determines where you live, then I have surely taken up residence at Children’s!
This morning as I finish typing yesterday’s post- I am so thankful that while my body is residing at Children’s, my heart lives with Jesus.

I have peace and excitement about all that the Lord has in store for us.

Sometimes it takes a really bad week to see how truly blessed you are. Emma has been steadily improving, a little at a time. We have been blessed and encouraged by the support of our nurses, doctors, family, friends and even complete strangers.

Y’all keep it up, God is moving!!!