Saturday, November 10, day 48

If you are wondering why we have been so quiet it is because we have not great news.

Thursday night we got the preliminary readings back on Miss Emma’s kidney sonogram. It seems that in the past 5 or so weeks she has developed the cells that are a precursor to the cancerous tumors. The thought is for them to appear so soon, it is likely aggressive. Emma needs to have her kidneys out ASAP. She is not stable enough to have them out.

In fact, Emma is so unstable the doctors are not very hopeful that she can pull out of being so sick. It appears, yet again, they are letting us know that we are out of options. J and I have decided to still give her the best chance we can, even though it is slim. Over the next couple of days, hopefully she will pull out of being so sick. This week, Emma has been on a downward trend. There really are no words and no right answers, only bad plans for moving forward.

Emma is such a blessing to us. She will open her little eye and just look out at you and hold your finger. We love her so much.

Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate the next several days. I know that God is in complete control. He knows this situation better than anyone. He knows our hearts and He knows our little Emma.