Sunday, November 4, day 42

Today was just another day. It had its challenges just like every other day.

Miss Emma is having some trouble pulling enough toxins out of her body. She still has a lot of fluid around her lungs. The fluid around her heart is still “larger than large.” Today there were some issues with her PD catheter. It was acting like there was something keeping the fluid from going into her belly. After flushing it really well, some X-rays and a bowel movement- at least now, the inflow issues seem to have resolved. It is amazing how something so seemingly insignificant can make such a difference in our tiny little girl. The PD is still working, and working well! No leaks and no bleeding. I am so very thankful for the small things.

Emma is well medicated and resting accordingly. Her color is much improved from this afternoon.

Maddie is a mess! She loves being in the apartment. Maddie runs everywhere, turns flips on the floor and is specifically fixated on opening and closing the doors. I am sure her fingers are destined to get smashed sometime in the near future! Ouch!! It does my heart good to be able to see her each day!

* Apparently I fell asleep before I could post this last night. Tired much?! 😉